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Bikram Yoga classes, private lessons


If you are looking to sign up for the VW Yoga class, more information can be found under the "Events" tab.


This page is for signing up for either The Bikram Yoga Class, Bikram Yoga Private Lesson, or Create My Yoga Routine Private Lesson.

The Bikram Yoga class is limited to 6 practioners.

There are a few different ways to sign up for the Bikram Yoga Class.   

Please pre-register by one the following methods.

-email with the day/time you want to practice.

-scroll down and select "book now."

During the booking process, after selecting class date and time:

   If you already have a membership, click "book it."

   If you need to buy a membership, you can either 

   click "buy a pricing plan" and follow the steps from there 

   or click "book it"and then go to the "purchase membership" tab and purchase a membership.

-download the "spaces" by WIX app or "fit" by Wix app and search for Ageless Yoga to sign up through the app.

You must pre-register before 8:00pm the day before the scheduled class.

If you book a class and then need to cancel, please email to cancel.

If you sign up for class but the class is already full then you will receive a notification by email. 

Class only occurs if there are a minimum of 2 practitioners that sign up for class.

If you are the only practitioner to sign up for class you will be notified by email the night before the class, once the pre-registration period is closed, that the scheduled class will not occur. If you do not receive an email, class will be as scheduled.