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Heated Yoga Sign-up policy

If you sign-up for class and need to cancel,

please email to cancel the sign-up.

If a student signs-up for class, does not show up for class, and does not email to cancel two times, then a class may be deducted from the membership.

Class Description
This class is a specific sequence of postures practiced in a hot room.
The hot room helps warm up muscles for safer stretching and cleansing through sweating.

Each posture is taught slowly, step by step.
Beginners are welcome!
Drink a lot of water before and after class.

Benefits of class:
-breathe easier
-improve flexibility and strength
-reduce chronic stress patterns in the body
-clearer mind
-feeling of overall well-being

Price / investment in your health
Cash and check are accepted at the studio.
If you want to pay with a credit card that can be done online through the
purchase membership page.

5 Class Card - $75



To sign-up for class

1. you can email with the day/time you'll be at class.


2. you can sign-up through the form at the top of the page.


Sign-up deadline is by 8:00pm the night before the class.

Example. If you want to take class on Saturday morning, please register by or before 8:00pm on Friday night.

If you sign up but then need to cancel please email

Heated  Yoga

There is a deal happening during the month of March 2024
During this heated yoga class if you can hold the second part of Awkward Pose for 30 seconds
in the second set you will get a free class.

Limit: 1 free class per person

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