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Bikram Yoga classes, private lessons

Please read the following information before signing up for class.


Please sign-up for class by only one the following methods.

  • scroll down and select "sign-up."

  • download the "spaces" by WIX app or "fit" by Wix app and search for Ageless Yoga to sign up through the app.

Please pre-register before 8:00pm the day before the scheduled class.

If you book a class and then need to cancel, please email to cancel. If you sign-up for class, but do not email to cancel, and do not show up for the class 2 times, then a class will be deducted from your class card membership. 

If you sign up for class but the class is already full then you will receive a notification by email. 

Class only occurs if there are a minimum of 2 practitioners that sign up for class.

If you are the only practitioner to sign up for class you will be notified by email the night before the class soon after 8:00pm, that the scheduled class will not occur. If you do not receive an email, class will be as scheduled.


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