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Class description

This class is

-a great introduction to yoga for beginners.

-a class for regular practitioners to deepen their understanding of yoga.

-a class for anyone who just wants to take a yoga class.

reasons to sign-up for class:

-you feel strong but inflexible.

-you feel flexible but lack strength.

-you are interested in trying a yoga class.

-you feel distracted.

-you feel overly focused and need to relax.

-you want to try a natural, non-invasive way of improving or maintaining your health.

The instructor is there to help guide you safely through the postures.

You do not need to show up in some great condition.

Just show up as you are and try a little bit in the right direction.

Room temperature, not hot yoga.

Class includes beginner level postures and breathing exercises.


To sign-up for class you can 

1. email with the day/time you'll be at class.


2. sign-up through the form at the top of the page.

Price/health investment: 5 classes for $50

Cash and check are accepted at the studio.

Credit card purchases can be made on the purchase membership page.


Sign-up deadline is by 8:00pm the night before the class.

Example. If you want to take class on Tuesday morning, please register by or before 8:00pm on Monday night.

If you sign up but then need to cancel please email

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