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Patanjali's Yoga Sutras


October 19th





Sutra 1:2

Yogas citta vritti nirodhah

(Sanskrit transliteration)

The restraint of the modifications of the mind-stuff is Yoga.

(English translation by Swami Sachitananda)

Prepare/cultivate the mind in a way that it is fit to attain Samadhi.

(Meaning as expressed by Swami Rama of the Himalayas)

Patanjala Yoga Sutras

  • A collection of concise statements/explanations related to the ideas and practices of Yoga.

  • Compiled by Patanjali.

  • The Sutras authorship is sugessted to be between 100B.C.E.-400 A.D..

What to expect

  • Hear some of the Yoga Sutras chanted in Sanskrit.

  • See the differences between various English translations of the Sutras.


 Some of the topics covered include

  • What is yoga?

  • What is the aim of yoga?

  • What are the five referenced modifications of the mind?

  • What is Samadhi?

  • What obstacles to experiencing Samadhi are referenced and what helps to minimize these obstacles?

  • What are the limbs of yoga?

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