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The Bikram Yoga class is for all levels, even if you have never practiced any type of yoga posture class before.

Practicing postures in the heat:

  • Helps warm up muscles for safer stretching.

  • Helps cleanse the body through sweating.

  • Dilates the blood vessels to improve oxygen circulation.​​

Bikram Yoga Classes


Saying that you are too inflexible, too weak, too stressed, or too unfocused to take a class is like saying you are too dirty to take a shower. Those are good reasons to show up for class.

Class includes a sequence of postures that are not only beneficial for improving strength, flexibility, and concentration..
These postures can positively affect different systems (respiratory system, digestive system etc..) of your body to help heal chronic ailments and support overall well-being.

This class can help with

Relief from rheumatoid arthritis pain and general joint pain
Relief from back pain
Relief from tight muscles (hips, shoulders, hamstrings)
Strengthen weak areas
Support emotional balance
Support mental clarity


How to prepare for class:

Drink a lot of water before class. Show up hydrated.

If you have a mat, bring your own mat, otherwise you can rent one at the studio.

Bring a large towel to place over the mat.

During class:

Posture alignment is more important than posture depth. Don't worry how far you can stretch.

Don't worry what other practitioners' postures are like (you do not know how long they have been practicing, what injuries they may have, etc...) Just focus on doing your best.

Focus on your posture alignment and your breathing.

After class:

Drink a lot of water after class.

Mixing an electrolyte supplement into the water can help replenish electrolytes.

Please ask if you have questions about the postures or breathing exercises.

Regarding masks/vaccines:

Masks are Not recommended for the practice. 

Practitioners will Not be forced to wear a mask.

Practitioners will Not be asked what their vaccine status is in order to take class.

If you are not feeling well, please skip class until you are feeling better.

The studio is cleaned regularly.

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